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الصين الصانع الخاصة الصلب عالية الجودة 310S الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ الأنابيب شريط لوحة

310S stainless steel (0Cr25Ni20) is an austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel with good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Because of the higher percentage of chromium and nickel, 310S has much better creep strength and can continue to operate at high temperatures. It has good The high temperature resistance.
310S stainless steel has good high temperature resistance. When the temperature exceeds 800, it begins to soften and the allowable stress begins to decrease continuously. The maximum service temperature is 1200 ℃. Due to the high content of nickel (Ni) and chromium (CR), it has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance. High temperature resistant steel pipes are specially used for manufacturing electric furnace tubes. After increasing the carbon content in austenitic stainless steel, the strength is improved due to its solid solution strengthening effect. The chemical composition characteristics of austenitic stainless steel are based on chromium and nickel, adding molybdenum, tungsten, niobium and titanium Because of its face centered cubic structure, it has high strength and creep strength at high temperature.

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Model: 310S Stainless Steel
الماركة: Ronsco

RONSCO 310S Parameter Table
310S Stainless Steel (UNS S31008/EN 1.4845) , AISI 310S, X8CrNi25-21
مقدمة عامة
Stainless steel 310S is an austenitic heat resistant alloy with excellent resistance to oxidation under mildly cyclic conditions through 2000°F. Its high Cr and Ni contents provide comparable corrosion resistance, superior resistance to oxidation and the retention of a larger fraction of room temperature strength than the common austenitic alloys such as 304. Grade 310S is a low carbon version of grade 310. 310S is less prone to embrittlement and sensitization in service. Now 310S replaces 310. 
التركيب الكيميائي:
وصف المنتج C Si  Mn S Ni Cr P Mo Cu Fe
اقل شئ

19.20  24.00 

اكثر شئ 0.08  1.50  2.00  0.03 22.00  26.00  0.045  0.75  0.50  BAL

Forms & Specifications:
الشريط والملف الشخصي: ASTM A276 / ASME SA276
لوح سميك ، لوح وشريط: ASTM A240 / ASME SA240 ،
أنبوب / أنبوب غير ملحوم: ASTM A312 / ASME A312 ، ASTM A213 / ASME SA213 ، ASTM A269 / ASME SA269 ،
الأنبوب الاسمي الملحوم: ASTM A312 / ASME A312 ، ، ASTM A269 / ASME SA269 ، ASTM A249 / ASME SA249 ، ASTM A409 / ASME SA409
تجهيزات الأنابيب: ASTM A403
Forgings: ASTM A473, ASTM A182
الخصائص الفيزيائية تطبيق:
الكثافة: 8.00 جم / سم مكعب
Oxidation resistance to 2000°F
Moderate strength at high temperature
Resistance to hot corrosion
Strength and toughness at cryogenic temperatures
المبادلات الحرارية
أنابيب مشعة
Muffles, retorts, annealing covers
Tube hangers for petroleum refiing adn steam boilers
Coal gasifier internal components
Furnace parts, conveyor belts, rollers, oven linings, fans
معدات تجهيز الطعام
Cryogenic structures
الخصائص الميكانيكية النموذجية:
Temperature, °F درجة الحرارة ℃ إنتاجية القوة 0.2٪
دقيقة. (ksi)
قوة الشد
دقيقة. (ksi)
70 20 35.00  80.00 
1000 538 20.80  67.80 
1200 650 20.70  54.10 
1400 760 19.30  35.10 
1600 870 12.20  19.10 

For more information about 310S Stainless Steel (UNS S31008/EN 1.4845) Pipes & Tubes, Sheet & Plates, Round Bars & Rods, Wire, Forgings Etc, please call +86 17708476248 أو إرسال بريد إلكتروني إلى [[البريد الإلكتروني محمي]]

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